Conventional vs Custom LASIK

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21 May, 2019 By Zion Eye Institute

Just like fingerprints, everyone’s eyes are their own unique combination of swirls, slopes and tiny pits.

“Even your two eyes are unique unto themselves,” said Zachary Cox, a certified ophthalmic executive whose office – Zion Eye Institute -- specializes in LASIK surgery.

That’s why eye doctors spend so much time asking patients whether things looking clearer through the first or second lens. All those tiny adjustments are an attempt to best match a pair of glasses or contacts or even traditional LASIK to a person’s unique eye.

“But those aren’t unique, custom treatments that are individualized for each patient and each eye,” Cox said. “Millions of people share the same prescription.”

Custom LASIK is different.

Certified technicians use a machine called a wavefront analyzer that measures how light travels through the eye to create a custom map of each patient’s eyes. The map tells doctors at Zion Eye Institute all about the unique features of someone’s eyes, including how to best preserve the cornea’s natural shape and avoid some of the pitfalls of LASIK surgery like halos around lights and trouble with night driving.

“Conventional LASIK recreates the vision that your eyeglasses or contacts currently provide,” Cox said.  

It fixes problems like nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism. Custom LASIK, however, makes it possible to see and potentially correct smaller imperfections known as higher-order aberrations for the first time. Patients often describe it as seeing clearer than they ever have in the past.

But like any elective medical procedure, custom LASIK isn’t the best choice for every patient.

Zion Eye Institute provides every potential patient a free LASIK screening with an experienced specialist before any custom maps are made to determine whether someone is a candidate for Custom LASIK and to explain the risks, benefits and alternatives.

“We have highly experienced, fellowship-trained specialists to cover every area of eye care and eye surgery,” Cox said. “And offices in St. George, Santa Clara, Cedar City and Mesquite, Nevada.”

Zion Eye Institute is the largest and most comprehensive eye surgery center in Southern Utah, and it’s been consistently recognized as one of the best ambulatory surgery centers in the country. The doctors at Zion have expertise in LASIK, cataract, glaucoma, cornea, reconstructive and pediatric surgery.

 “We understand your vision is precious, and we are dedicated to helping you achieve and keep your best vision possible,” Cox said.

Zion Eye Institute normally charges $1,495 per eye for conventional LASIK and $1,995 per eye for Custom LASIK.

However, during Zion’s annual summer sale, patients can pay the conventional price for custom LASIK. That’s a $1,000 savings for patients.

If you’ve ever considered LASIK surgery, now is a great time to come into Zion Eye Institute for a consultation.


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